In your opinion, what are the roles and responsibilities for the Leader, Blog Manager, Schedule Manager and Rublic Relations Manager? Why?


  1. In my opinion, the Leader should be in charge of keeping the project up to date and making every meeting fruitful.

  2. the leader should lead the rest,blog manager should manage the blog, schedule manager should should manage the schedule and the last one should manage the rublic relations

  3. The Leader is the one that brings the group together, Blog Manager is the one who makes the blog to perfect quality, Schedule Manager is the one who plans meetings and public relations manager is the one who engages and represent the group in public

  4. THE LEADER: to lead the group in its work

    THE BLOG MANAGER: to update the blog and information

    THE SCHEDULE MANAGER: to take care of deadlines and times of meetings

    THE PUBLIC RELATIONS MANAGER: to take care of public face and times when we go out